Published On: Fri, Sep 6th, 2019

Brexit news: BBC QT audience member savages panel for failing to deliver on the referendum | UK | News

Question Time returned following the summer recess on Thursday but despite being the first episode back, the panel engaged in a fiery debate. That passionate debate, however, spilt over into the crowd with one woman in the audience criticising politicians.

In an impassioned speech, the woman said: “The opinion of all of you and those which are in Parliament, is that you are disgraceful.

“People voted in the referendum to leave the EU.

“You are not respecting the vote.

“It is absolutely pathetic.”

The woman’s speech was met with applause from the crowd as she insisted that MPs are not respecting the vote of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave.

Earlier on Thursday, Boris Johnson had visited west Yorkshire where he had spoken about his desire to not delay Brexit any further.

The Prime Minister insisted that he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than try to get another “pointless” extension from Brussels.

Mr Johnson has been forced into a corner this week after two days of severe losses in the Commons.

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However, he failed to gain the majority to call the election but has also confirmed that he will once again try to push through his motion on Monday.

Speaking on Thursday, Mr Johnson admitted: “I don’t want an election but frankly I don’t see any other way.”

Jeremy Corbyn is poised to reject that plan and demand that an election cannot be held before the no deal bill is enshrined in law.

Labour is looking to call an election at a later date of their own choosing.

According to Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, the party is split on the timing of an election, however.

Mr McDonnell admitted there are “different views” within the party and that they are “consulting” about when is the best time to try and launch their plan.

Some Labour officials such as Keir Starmer have suggested that the election should not take place until after a Brexit extension had been secured.

The move would be to make sure that Mr Johnson cannot repeal the legislation against a no deal Brexit.

A Downing Street source, however, insisted that Mr Johnson will “never” seek an extension.

The source added: “It will never, ever, ever happen, we will never do it and so eventually we will get an election.

“Watch Labour’s polling drop off a cliff when the country sees what they are trying to do.”

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