Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

Brexit news: BBC Newsnight no deal argument erupts between Emily Maitlis and Lord Hobbs | UK | News

The House of Cards creator was speaking on the show and was initially grilled by Ms Maitlis for being “unelected” to the House of Lords. She told that the peer that his job was to “reflect the mood” in the lower chamber. But in an incredible outburst, Lord Hobbs savaged Ms Maitlis by claiming it wasn’t the fault of the Lords that the Brexit process has taken another surprise twist.

He defiantly said: “Our job, amazingly right now, is to try and reflect what is going on out there.

“Our country is suffering because the House of Commons has not done its job.”

“It has not kept its promises.

“The people were promised. They voted and said we want out.

“It’s not actually about in many cases no deal, it’s actually about delivering no Brexit.

“That is the hidden agenda.”

The stunning intervention comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to “let the country decide” after Jeremy Corbyn stopped his attempts to trigger a general election.

The Labour leader told his MPs to not vote for the election as Mr Johnson bid to try and start a snap poll.

MPs voted by 298 to 56 in favour of a general election.

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Sources at Downing Street claimed she would not be losing the whip despite voting against the government.

They added Tuesday’s rebellion was seen as a “confidence issue” which transferred parliamentary power to Labour and opposition parties.

Brexiteer backbench Conservative MPs also called on the prime Minister to retract his decision as tensions continued to spiral.

Leave supporter Tim Loughton told Mr Johnson “purges never ended well in Roman times” and he should “get them back in”.

Party chiefs have commanded local Conservative associations for the expelled rebel MPs pick a new candidate for the now empty seats as soon as possible.

Conservative members in Philip Hammond’s Runnymede and Weybridge seat were emailed: “Last night, Philip Hammond had the Conservative whip removed by the chief whip.

“This means that he is no longer a Conservative MP and will not be eligible to stand as the Conservative candidate for Runnymede and Weybridge.

“A new Conservative candidate will be selected by the membership in due course.”

Other Conservatives held Mr Johnson’s top aide Dominic Cummings responsible for the aggressive strategy.

They have demanded the Prime Minister fires the controversial aide.

Grandee MP Sir Roger Gale said: “I think it’s been handled appallingly. I think the fact that you have at the heart of Number 10, as the Prime Minister’s senior adviser, an unelected, foul-mouthed oaf throwing his weight around is completely unacceptable”.

Members of the Young Conservatives were also seen protesting the Prime Ministers decision outside the Party’s Westminster HQ.

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