Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2019

Brexit News: BBC host claims Remainers like Gordon Brown are making no deal more likely | UK | News

Gordon Brown and his Remainer allies have been accused for making a no deal Brexit  “more likely” after undermining Boris Johnson’s no deal negotiation tactics. In a tense interview with the BBC News, business correspondent Simon Jack claimed Gordon Brown and his fellow Remainers in Parliament and the political establishment had removed the threat of a no deal Brexit. Mr Brown dismissed these claims, before urging MPs to see control of the House of Commons to block a no deal departure.

Mr Brown called on Parliament to order Boris Johnson to commission an independent report on the consequences of a no deal Brexit  before taking the UK out of the European Union.

He said that “disputes over who will lead a National Unity Government” was distracting Remainers from attempts to stop Boris Johnson. 

The BBC News correspondent interviewed the former Labour Prime Minister on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

He said: “Without a no deal on the table, you can’t really negogiate.”

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BBC’s Simon Jack continued: “Boris is trying to hit the reset button. He has said he wants a deal, that it would be in both parties interest to get a deal.

“People like you are undermining the negotiating hand of Britain.

“You are making no deal more likely by signalling to the EU that they don’t need to give away because Parliament and the political establishment will block a no deal.”

Mr Brown described a no deal Brexit  as an “act of self-harm” by the UK that put people’s lives at risks.

Mr Johnson has insisted Britain will quit the EU by the end of October  with or without a deal with Brussels.

Mr Brown added: “Whether you are for or against Brexit, I think it is absolutely clear that in the referendum nobody promoting Brexit said the inevitable outcome would be a no-deal.

“Nobody can tell us now what the level of disruption could be. Half the medical supplies we use come through Europe.

“If we are denied epipens or other important medical devices because of a slowdown at ports, then we are putting lives at risk.”

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