Published On: Tue, Sep 3rd, 2019

Brexit news: Audience member rips into Labour MP – ‘You’re failing!’ | UK | News

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly been criticised throughout the process for not taking a clear stance on Britain’s departure from the EU. During the Tory leadership contest, the Labour Party leader revealed he would fight to give the British people another say on leaving the EU to prevent a Tory Brexit or no deal. But, speaking on a Channel 4 Brexit Debate, a furious Labour voter ripped into the party’s position.

The voter claimed he would vote for either Prime Minister Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage in a potential election to deliver what Britons voted for in the historic 2016 EU referendum.

He said: “Normally I vote for the Labour Party all the time. But, now, with this issue, if there is a general election, I am going to vote Conservative or Brexit.

“Simply because, those are the only two parties that are actually responding, trying to save democracy.”

Directing his message at Labour’s Clive Lewis, he added: “Labour, you are failing everybody.

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“Come on, you are trying to frustrate the people’s choice. They want to leave, what can’t you understand?

“Look, let’s leave first, and then let’s carry on negotiating. That’s it.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week sparked fury after he announced he would prorogue Parliament ahead of the Queen’s Speech on October 14, which would effectively limit the time MPs have to debate Britain’s departure from the EU.

The decision sparked fury among campaigners trying to block a no deal, and led to thousands of people demonstrating across the UK against the Prime Minister’s move.

MPs have since warned Mr Johnson they will try to block a no deal exit from the European Union.

“In the last few weeks the chances of a deal have been rising, I believe, for three reasons. They can see that we want a deal.

“They can see that we have a clear vision for our future relationship with the EU – something that has perhaps not always been the case.”

He added: “And they can see that we are utterly determined to strengthen our position by getting ready to come out regardless, come what may.”

On Tuesday morning, former chancellor Philip Hammond warned the Prime Minister he would give the Government the “fight of his life” if they try to deselect him, after he admitted he would vote to try to block a no deal exit on Tuesday evening.

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