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Brexit news: Ann Widdecombe in Parliament rant on BBC Newsnight – latest updates | UK | News

In a blistering rant, she also claimed that she “trusted” Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get Brexit concluded. However, she said in reality even “Mystic Meg couldn’t tell you” if he actually could. Her comments come after a monumental week in British politics, in which Mr Johnson was forced to cut his trip to the United Nations General Assembly early.

He was originally due to spend longer in the US, but following the Supreme Court’s ruling that Mr Johnson had unlawfully prorogued Parliament, he and MPs returned to the House of Commons to continue debates.

Ms Widdecombe cited the controversy surrounding MPs after comments made in Parliament which referenced Jo Cox.

Ms Cox was a Labour MP but was killed in 2016, days before the EU referendum.

But speaking on BBC Newsnight, the Brexit Party MEP said: “Going back to the atmosphere in the Commons, I think the nation is really utterly fed up.

“At this time when the issue is the future of the country, its independence and what is going to be agreed, all these major issues that haven’t been resolved in three years, and there the MPs are talking about the language being used and all the rest of it.

“I actually think the whole lot of the MPs need to grow up and listen to their constituents who are saying to them get it done.”

Mark Urban, BBC Newsnight’s presenter, quizzed the former Conservative MP on whether she felt Mr Johnson could lead the UK out of the EU.

She responded: “I trust him to try.

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He said he and others who fought to leave the EU “are enjoying this”.

Mr Cummings added: “We are going to win, we are going to leave, don’t worry.”

The political advisor claimed those wishing for a second referendum would get a “terrible, terrible shock” if they thought it would “wash with voters”.

He said: “What do you expect to happen?”

Mr Cummings was speaking after the Prime Minister defended his use of language after being accused of fuelling hatred of MPs by using words such as “betrayal” and “surrender” in the Commons during a Brexit debate described by the Speaker as “toxic”.

The Prime Minister insisted he “deplored” threats to anyone, particulate female MPS, despite describing his complaint as “humbug”.

It came from MP Paula Sherriff who said she received death threats quoting phrases used by him.

Earlier on Thursday, ex-PM John Major revealed Mr Johnson is planning to exploit a loophole to bypass the law and force through a no-deal Brexit.

He added the Tory party will use a piece of legal “chicanery” to bypass the rebel Bill forcing him to go for an extension to the October 31 deadline.

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