Published On: Fri, Sep 27th, 2019

Brexit live: PM rushes negotiator to EU – order to ‘get Brexit done’ | Politics | News

 Secretary Stephen Barclay will head to the continent for crunch negotiations with the European Union’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, on Friday. Mr Barclay will discuss alternatives to the Irish border with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, with the backstop so-far proving to be a huge stumbling block in discussions. On Thursday afternoon, European Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva confirmed that a fourth document had been shared with Brussels by the UK.

She said: ”We have now received documents from the UK, the fourth one yesterday. The technical discussions are taking place this week with the UK on some aspects of customs and sanitary and phytosanitary rules, and the next technical meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.

“There are documents, there are discussions on the basis of the documents, we have negotiation teams but I will not characterise these discussions and exchanges further at this stage as the next step is the European Council.”

As the Brexit Secretary travels to the continent, the Prime Minister’s adviser has claimed it is “not surprising” MPs have received abuse, and after being confronted by a Labour MP on Thursday, urged Parliamentarians to “get Brexit done”.

When asked at a book launch on Thursday about the abuse some MPs have received, Mr Cummings said: “It is not surprising that some people are angry about it.”

“In the end, the situation can only be resolved by Parliament honouring its promise to respect the result,” he added.

He also described the current chaos as “a walk in the park” compared to the referendum.

As Mr Barclay travels to meet Mr Barnier for further Brexit discussions, The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt warned on Thursday the UK’s current plans “fell short”.

He said: “After meeting Michel Barnier this morning, Parliament reiterates the need for a legally operational solution to the situation Brexit created in N-Ireland. To preserve consumer safety, to protect our businesses and preserve peace. So far UK proposals fall short on all 3 fronts”.


8.00am update: Ministers believe they can sidestep legislation forcing them to extend Brexit further

Brexit commentator Darren Grimes has claimed Ministers believe they can sidestep legislation which would require them to extend Brexit further.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Grimes wrote: “Ministers think they could circumvent parliamentary legislation requiring them to delay Britain’s departure from the EU by invoking European law.

“Delicious. Thwarting the Remoaner attempts to block our exit by using the fact that they have welcomed our sovereignty being eroded.”

It comes after former prime minister Sir John Major last night warned about the tactic the Prime Minister would use to force through a no deal exit on October 31.

Speaking on Thursday evening, Sir John said: “My fear is that the Government will seek to bypass Statute Law, by passing an Order of Council to suspend the Act until after 31 October.

“It is important to note that an Order of Council can be passed by Privy Councillors – that is Government Ministers – without involving The Queen.”

Major added: “I should warn the Prime Minister that – if this route is taken – it will be in flagrant defiance of Parliament and utterly disrespectful to the Supreme Court.

“It would be a piece of political chicanery that no-one should ever forgive or forget.”

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