Published On: Sat, Aug 17th, 2019

Brexit LIVE: Boris’s controversial adviser man Johnson will SMASH Corbyn at polls | Politics | News

The Vote Leave mastermind fuelled rumours the Government is gearing up for a general election as he made a series of crushing comments to their main rivals. Although he was concerned a no confidence motion could be lost, he was confident Mr Johnson would be best placed to win back support.

Another shock admission saw the leading adviser warn rivals Mr Johnson would refuse to resign if he lost the no confidence motion, staying on to see out a no deal withdrawal.

He added the government the government would then call an election, with Mr Johnson and not Parliament controlling the date one could be held. 

Speaking to Government advisers, he said: “Imagine what it would be like if in eight weeks we have left the European Union and then we smash Corbyn in a general election. What would our policies be?” 

Mr Cummings used the opportunity to slam Tory Remainers, many of which are considering dumping the government to back an alternative arrangement. 

He pointed out hardcore Remainers such as Dominic Grieve, adding their attempts to stop a no deal fuelled the EU’s refusal to negotiate. 

The leading adviser in government also warned key projects could be cut or axed, joking the HS2 rail link could be the first to go. 

Government aides were then asked to submit a list of policy achievements and to highlight things which could be binned if the Conservatives won a majority over Jeremy Corbyn. 

Mr Johnson has previously said securing a new, better deal with Brussels would be his priority. 

But Mr Cummings slammed the idea, saying negotiations could not begin until the middle of September when an outcome to a potential vote of no confidence had passed. 

His comments come just days after Jeremy Corbyn wrote to MPs in a desperate plea to back him as leader in a temporary government.

Labour have previously said they will table a no confidence motion when they feel one could be won. 

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell warned this could be tabled by the end of the month as Tory Remainers ditch their party to back a temporary measure to stop no deal. 

Mr Corbyn has waned Labour will be committed to a public vote, with an option to Remain. 

But Mr Cummings slammed the claims, adding rivals to a no deal were now unable to stop Britain’s withdrawal on October 31.

10.50am update: Chancellor announces tax reforms – ‘Tremendous freedom’ post-Brexit 

Sajid Javid could change stamp duty tax rules in his first budget under Boris Johnson’s Brexit war cabinet. 

The chancellor could switch rules to guarantee first-time buyers never pay the tax, giving larger tax bills to those who downsize their property and benefit from soaring house prices.

The former Tory leadership candidate said he would champion tax cuts for those from low paid backgrounds, but warned higher earners could also benefit from a sweep of changes.

Speaking to The Times, Mr Javid said: “If you are going to have tax cuts I think you should always be thinking about the lowest paid.

“I think taxes should be efficient. We want to set them at a rate where we are trying to maximise revenue, and that doesn’t always mean that you have the highest tax rate possible.” 

The chancellor added the Treasury were now 100 percent behind Mr Johnson’s no deal Brexit strategy. 

He added Britain would be able to take full advantage of the tremendous freedom on taxes following no deal. 

The chancellor also announced he will look at funding an infrastructure splurge with borrowed funds. 

To get this underway, he will later launch a £600million housing budget for 50,000 new homes in areas of the south east and London. 

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