Published On: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

Brexit latest: Royal expert explains why Boris’ decision to involve Queen could backfire | UK | News

The Queen has approved Boris Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament for over a month, setting off a huge backlash among Remainers who want to stop a no deal Brexit. Her Majesty formally approved the prorogation of Parliament from the second week of September during a meeting of her Privy Council at Balmoral Castle. However, a royal commentator told Sky News that Boris Johnson’s decision to involve the Queen in securing Brexit may backfire before the 31st October deadline.

Alastair Bruce said: “The Queen has performed her constitutional duty – for her it really is just process that operates when the parliament isn’t sitting.”

In a warning to Boris Johnson, the constitutional expert added: “The executive is the Queen’s to give to those that have the confidence of the House of Commons, which the current Prime Minister believes he has.

“The Prime Minister may have placed the Queen on the chessboard but that doesn’t mean he will win the game.”

Bruce then explained the procedure that would have taken place earlier today.

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He said: “When the Queen is ready to meet the Council, she presses a buzzer.

“And there is prepared a table, a red cloth over it.

“The Queen would have stood there and the Privy Council would have read out that there should be a prorogation of the current session of parliament.

“And the Queen will just say, approved.”

The move, which has prompted a furious political row, means Tory rebels and the opposition parties face a race against time to stop a no deal Brexit.

Mr Johnson has rejected claims that he is suspending Parliament to stop MPs from attempting to block a no deal exit.

However, the decision halves the number of parliamentary sitting days before the 31st October deadline.

In response, Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have both written to the Queen to protest about the “anti-democratic move”.

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