Published On: Fri, Aug 30th, 2019

Brexit latest: Remainers storm Jacob Rees-Mogg’s home and office – news and updates | UK | News

The daring attempt was part of Remainer efforts to stop a no deal exit from the European Union on October 31. A mob of pro-EU voters also gathered outside the Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary Alex Chalk’s office in Cheltenham. He was forced to face the rabble even though he actually voted Remain in the referendum.

One said: “This is wrong, this is not democracy, it’s intimidation.”

Conservative MP Paul Scully tweeted: “This shows the sinister lengths Corbyn’s hard left supporters will go in their attempts to subvert the democratic decision of the British people to leave the EU.

“Labour’s repeated promises to respect the referendum result have been exposed as a sham.”

He added: “Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will deliver Brexit by 31 October and deliver the change British people voted for.”

MP Paula Sherriff begged him on Twitter: “Please do not do this.

“Peacefully protest elsewhere by all means but families, and particularly children are never fair game.

“I urge you to think again.”

A tweeter added: “Leave his wife and children out of this you abhorrent individuals.”

One person argued: “The actions of these lunatics is unbelievable.”

The House of Commons leader has six young children with his wife.

Last September he was harassed outside his London home where a protester told one of his children “your daddy is a horrible person”.

He told the BBC this morning the outrage over shutting down Parliament was “phoney”.

Mr Rees-Mogg led the Government fightback against pro-EU MPs vowing to stop Mr Johnson’s plans.

And he added: “No party should be afraid of the British people.

“If they have a vote of confidence, let’s see if they can win it.”

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