Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2019

Brexit latest: MP threatens the Queen after prorogue approval in shock attack | UK | News

Kate Osamor took to social media to share her anger at the decision, which Her Majesty was constitutionally required to do. She tweeted: “The Queen should look at what happened to her cousin Tino ex King of Greece when you enable a right wing coup! Monarchy abolished!” The Edmonton MP caused backlash last year when she used House of Commons headed notepaper to ask a judge not to jail her son for drug dealing.

The Queen approved the Prime Minister’s request to prorogue Parliament no earlier than September 9 and no later than September 12.

It will last until October 14, almost two weeks before the UK is set to depart the European Union.

Leaders of the opposition had been hoping to use the period after Parliament returns from its summer break on September 3 to work on a law to prevent a no deal Brexit.

This follows Mr Johnson’s promise to take the UK out of the EU by October 31 whether there is an agreement or not.

Opponents of a no deal Brexit were seen waving EU flags while screeching “stop the coup” at a rally yesterday.

Mr Johnson suffered more backlash as he was attacked on Twitter in an expletive-laden rant from actor Hugh Grant.

Grant said to him on Twitter: “You will not f*** with my children’s future”

He was responding to a video where Mr Johnson gave an explanation for his decision to suspend Parliament in September.

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Critics have claimed this is a manoeuvre aimed at stopping MPs debating Brexit.

Grant added: “You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought two world wars to defend.”

He continued his rant by likening the Prime Minister to a rubber bath toy.

He said: “F*** off you over-promoted rubber bath toy. Britain is revolted by you and your sick little gang of masturbatory prefects.”

His rant was met with support from his fellow actors.

David Baddiel said: “I sort of wish that this was the speech he’d given to Billy Bob Thornton in Love, Actually.”

Several respondents were not so supportive and took to Twitter to bring up Grant’s dalliance with prostitute Divine Brown, in his car on an LA highway in 1995.

Piers Morgan tweeted a picture of Grant’s LAPD mugshot saying “Halo Hugh, Britain’s moral standard-bearer.”

The proroguing caused more spotlight on the Queen after Sky News’s Kay Burley sparked outrage for “patronising” her during an outburst aimed at Mr Johnson.

Ms Burley’s comments, during a conversation with Brexiteer Pauline Latham, led viewers to announce they would never tune in again.

She claimed Mr Johnson was dragging a “94-year-old woman” on her “holidays” into politics.

Referring to the Queen, who is actually aged 93, she argued: “How totally inappropriate to drag a 94-year-old woman who’s on her holidays into politics.

“How totally inappropriate to get Her Majesty to sign a privy order because Boris doesn’t think he can get his deal over the line otherwise.”

Ms Latham seemed shocked by the comments made by Ms Burley.

She replied: “Well, he hasn’t got a deal at the moment.

“And I think the Queen would take exception to the way you’ve described her.”

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