Published On: Wed, Aug 21st, 2019

Brexit latest: Misleading BBC graphic claims ‘pro-Brexit’ parties lost the EU elections | UK | News

BBC News reported on it its website in May Remain parties won 40.4 percent of the vote. To arrive at that figure the corporation included votes from the Liberal Democrats, Green Party, SNP, Change UK and Plaid Cymru. It failed to include the Conservative Party in its tally of pro-Brexit parties which came to 34.9 percent as it only incorporated the Brexit Party and UKIP.

Brexiteers would have come out on top of Remain parties by more than three percent had the Conservative Party been considered.

According to Guido Fawkes, the BBC’s complaints unit “rebuffed” the complaint two times before it was eventually upheld.

A correction note was issued and the graph was removed from the website.

BBC News claimed the graphic was an attempt to “illustrate the squeeze on Labour and the Conservatives by parties offering a clear cut proposition on whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU”.

In a leaked email, BBC’s complaints unit deputy head Dominic Groves claimed the graph was trying to “provide some clarity”.

Mr Groves added it was needed at a time when both sides of Brexit were claiming the EU elections favoured them.

He wrote to the complainant: “We think this a reasonable approach in principle, but the resulting graphic does not seem to us to have contained sufficient information to achieve the desired result.

“The bar labelled ‘pro-Brexit’, as you have pointed out, reflected only the combined vote for the Brexit Party and UKIP.

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The European Parliament election in the UK was held on May 23.

There was no initial election planned in the UK as Brexit was originally set for March 29.

After it was agreed Brexit would be delayed until October 31 the elections had to take place under UK and EU laws.

The nationwide vote saw Nigel Farage’s newly launched Brexit Party take 29 of the 73 available seats.

The Liberal Democrats came in second place by taking 14 seats.

Labour and the Conservatives won a combined number of 13 seats.

Boris Johnson claimed the UK would be leaving the EU on October 31 “do or die”.

The Prime Minister wrote to Brussels this week demanding the Irish backstop is dropped from the Brexit deal ahead of the deadline.

Mr Johnson said he wants the UK to leave the EU with a deal but could not support an agreement that “locks the UK” into an international treaty.

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