Published On: Tue, Aug 20th, 2019

Brexit latest: Ministers fear website crash as UK gears up for no deal EU exit | Politics | News

According to the Daily Telegraph, the £130million public information campaign to prepare the public has been delayed. However, the leak of the Yellowhammer document has resulted in Prime Minister Boris Johnson being urged to accelerate the campaign. The campaign involves adverts directing the public to for key information.

A Government source explained: “Part of the delay in getting the campaign off the ground is because we have to spend quite a lot of money preparing for massive number of visits.

“Sometimes when the Government launches something the website crashes – that can’t happen in this instance.”

The campaign will differ from the campaign by the Theresa May Government at the beginning of the year, which focused more on businesses.

David Jones, former Minister of State for Exiting the European Union, said the campaign ought to be started immediately.

He called for the Government to do more to address concerns from the public.

Civil servants are believed to be hard at work improving the technology to allow the site to cope with large amounts of traffic.

The no deal site currently has links to guidance on a wide range of topics.

These include applying for EU-funded programmes, farming and fishing, handling civil legal cases, sporting and exporting, labelling products and making them safe, meeting business regulations, money and tax, protecting the environment, regulating energy, regulating medicines and medical equipment, regulating veterinary medicines, sanctions, seafaring and state aid.

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It is headquartered at 9 Downing Street.

The building also houses the office of the Government Chief Whip.

That office is currently held by Mark Spencer, who backed remain in the lead up to the referendum.

Mr Spencer has since changed his position to advocate Brexit.

According to the Spectator, he was one of 119 Tory backbenchers to back remain alongside future Cabinet members and ministers including Damian Green, Lucy Frazer, Margot James, Caroline Nokes, Alok Sharma, Julian Smith and Grant Shapps.

127 Tory backbenchers backed Brexit.


However, one, Jesse Norman declined to publicly state how he intended to vote.

Mr Norman, did, however, express support for arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg to lead the party.

He later claimed the view was a light-hearted response to a question about whether Mr Rees-Mogg would make a good candidate and not a sign he would back him.

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