Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

Brexit latest: Macron taunts Boris Johnson ahead of meeting – demands UK stop Brexit | Politics | News

Mr Macron he also used a phrase previously employed by the UK Prime Minister to suggest Britain faces being a “vassal” of Donald Trump’s United States in the event of a no deal Brexit. Speaking yesterday, the French President said: “It was the British people who decided on Brexit, and the British government has the possibility up to the last second to revoke Article 50.” Mr Johnson, who yesterday echoed an expression commonly used by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel – “We can do this” – during yesterday’s joint press conference during which she indicated an alternative to the backstop for the Irish border “could be identified in 30 days”.

However, Mr Johnson is likely to find Mr Macron a tougher proposition, judging by his remarks prior to their meeting, doing which he warned of the risks of what he called a “hard Brexit”.

He said: “Can the cost for Britain of a hard Brexit – because Britain will be the main victim – be offset by the United States of America? No.

“And even if it were a strategic choice it would be at the cost of a historic vassalisation of Britain.

“I don’t think this is what Boris Johnson wants. I don’t think it is what the British people want.”

Mr Macron suggested links with the EU meant “the British are attached to being a great power” but said after Brexit the country would become merely a “junior partner” of the US.

His comment are a reference to Britain’s aim of striking a wide-ranging traded deal with the United States after it quits the block.


8am update: 

Brexiteer Daniel Hannan delivered a devastating blow to the EU on BBC Newsnight, following Boris Johnson’s meeting with Angela Merkel.

Mr Johnson travelled to Berlin on Wednesday to meet with the German Chancellor in order to discuss any potential alternatives to the contentious Irish backstop.

Ahead of his trip, Mr Johnson issued a letter to EU leaders where he warned that for any deal to take place, the Irish backstop must be removed.

Instantly, some criticised Mr Johnson for his demands for lacking any substantive alternatives.

However, Mr Hannan said on BBC Newsnight: “Effectively, what the EU is now saying, and this is highly illogical, ‘unless you do all these things which we claim are about avoiding a border, we will put in a border’.

7.56am update: 

The UK will allegedly sign a bombshell post-Brexit trade deal with the Republic of Korea according to reports.

Despite the concerns issued by those associated with Project Fear, it has been reported that the UK will sign a “trade continuity” deal with the Republic of Korea.

There had been fears that the UK would be unable to sign any trade deals with leading countries around the world. But this agreement marks a huge development in the UK’s post-Brexit future.

The agreement with South Korea will allow businesses to keep trading freely until after the October 31 exit date.

7.50am update:

Angela Merkel’s offer to find a compromise to solve the Northern Irish border conundrum within 30 days was part of a European Union tactic to force the UK into a post-Brexit customs union, sources last night revealed.

The German Chancellor’s friendly approach was part of a “good cop, bad cop” routine with Emmanuel Macron, who will meet Boris Johnson today. When meeting Boris Johnson, Ms Merkel outlined a genuine willingness to help the Prime Minister with the backstop “conundrum” that has deadlocked Brexit talks.

But Brussels insiders believe the German Chancellor’s offer changes very little in the negotiations, despite her signalling a willingness to work on alternative solutions to the measure designed to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland.

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