Published On: Sat, Aug 31st, 2019

Brexit: Corbyn ridicules Boris Johnson’s policies with bizarre impression | UK | News

Jeremy Corbyn drew rapturous applause for a bizarre impression of Boris Johnson, as he mocked the Prime Minister’s mannerisms. The eccentric impersonation from the leader of the opposition came as he attacked the Prime Minister for lacking detail in his announcements. Speaking in Glasgow, the Labour leader also warned supporters that next week was the final opportunity to stop the UK from leaving the EU without an agreement.

The remarks came during Mr Corbyn’s three-day visit to Scotland.

He hit out at Boris Johnson’s proclaimed priority of “hospital upgrades” during his first speech as Prime Minister.

In response, Mr Corbyn told supporters in Glasglow: “My job as leader of the opposition is to ask the Government questions.

“So I thought, here it goes. Could the Prime Minister tell us what upgrading means? Where the hospitals are, how much money is going to be involved in it?

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“What’s actually happened to these hospitals? Who’s going to won them?

“All fairly normal questions.”

The leader then carried out the bizarre impression, drawing applause and laughter from the crowd.

Chaos erupted earlier this week in Westminster when Mr Johnson announced his plan to suspend parliament.

“It’s a smash and grab raid against democracy. We will do a ­legislative option next Tuesday to prevent leaving the EU without a deal. It would be catastrophic for jobs.”

Anti-Brexit campaign group Another Europe Is Possible has planned 32 #StopTheCoup protests to take place in England, Scotland and Wales.

Labour’s hard-left group Momentum is calling on its members to “occupy bridges and blockade roads” in conjunction with unrest on the streets.

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