Published On: Sat, Aug 31st, 2019

Brexit backlash: Emmanuel Macron scolded for patronising British Brexiteers | World | News

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel are “not equipped to give lessons” to the British on Brexit, according to a leading French expert. Laure Mandeville,a senior correspondent for Le Figaro, said that Mr Macron was seen as the saviour of Europe from outside of France. But, she insisted that he has struggled to keep control within his own country.

She told France24: “Of course, people say the British situation is a joke.

“But when you look at the rest of Europe, and the West, the situation is not great. I mean, there is Italy, but even France.

“Suddenly after the G7, Macron is seen as this king of Europe again, here to save the day.

“But in fact, we should remember that Macron has been dealing with an extraordinary rebellion, an insurgency all over France since he took power – for months, and months.

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“There has been blood on the streets. No one is really equipped to give lessons.

The Germans are having a struggle been the East and the West with this weekend’s election.

“Europe should keep modest when talking about Brexit.”

The remarks come amid political turbulence in both France and Germany.

In Saxony, the vote has become a de facto referendum on the German Chancellor herself.

This weekend, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown revealed that EU leaders will offer Brexit extension to avoid no deal

Mr Brown said he had spoken to EU leaders who were willing to offer a new extension as soon as next week

The former Labour leader, who has been a vocal opponent of Brexit, said French President Emmanuel Macron was leading the charge for the deadline to be renegotiated.

Boris Johnson has previously suggested that Britain will leave on 31 October “with or without a deal”.

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