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Boris v Corbyn 90% think PM acted honestly as Corbyn condemned for Brexit dishonesty -poll | Politics | News

A massive 90 percent of voters said they trusted the Prime Minister’s honesty on Brexit. But 94 percent of voters blasted the actions of the leader of the Opposition, with 4,515 participants raging he had acted dishonestly throughout the Brexit process. More than 250 people disagreed with the question asked, which was whether he hd acted in true faith during the last three years since the 2016 referendum, the equivalent of 5 percent.

Just one percent of readers clicked the ‘don’t know’ option, amounting to 64 votes.

When it came to the Prime Minister – namely his shutting down of Parliament which landed him in hot waters with MPs this evening – a staggering 90 percent said he had acted with honesty, the equivalent of 3,865 participants.

A total of 342 said he had acted untruthfully, which was eight percent of the vote.

Just two percent clicked the ‘don’t know’ option, 130 votes.


Mr Johnson has been hailed a hero while Jeremy Corbyn has been dubbed a villain (Image: GETTY)


90 percent of voters said they trusted the Prime Minister’s honesty (Image: GETTY)

A total of 9,174 people took part in the polls which ran alongside each other today from 10.19am until 10pm on the, asking “Has Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson acted honestly or dishonestly over Brexit?”

Comments saw readers come out to defend Mr Johnson.

Mr Corbyn was not so lucky.

One commenter said: “Corbyn has sealed his fate. He knows he not going to win an election.”

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94 percent of voters blasted the actions of the leader of the Opposition (Image: GETTY)

Another added: “Corbyn wouldn’t know the truth if he fell over it.”

A third comment said: “When Corbyn the Marxist elder stands before the country and states he is for people before privilege, one sees only the total hypocrisy of an opposition abusing all privileges extended to them, for empowering the privileged global elite by surrendering our democracy could not be more disadvantageous to the people!”

A fourth said: “Straightforward yes for Corbyn being dishonest, but don’t know for Boris and this because Boris might be trying to foist May’s deal on the UK with a few tweaks to get it through parliament, and May’s deal is a nightmare.”

Another added: “What happened to my vote? Have they lost the 17.4 million votes that Labour said they will honour?”


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Nigel Farage issues damning review of Johnson’s speech in Commons

Boris Johnson mocks Jeremy Corbyn’s authority over Labour Party


A total of 9,174 people took part in the poll (Image: GETTY)

A sixth added: “When a few hundred MP’s and a half dozen judges can overrule the democratic choice of 17million plus people democracy, like common sense, free speech and decency has passed away.

“R.I.P Great Britain.”

Another said: “Boris is honest and trying to fulfil the democratic will of the people. Corbyn is dishonest, lies about the results of a no deal Brexit and wont allow a General Election because he knows most Labour constituencies Voted to Leave the EU and he is going to lose.”

Despite the chaos within the Tory party, Labour’s leader Mr Corbyn has not made any significant headway.


Comments saw readers come out to defend Mr Johnson (Image: GETTY)

Labour members rejected a motion calling on the party to declare its unequivocal support for Remain at a second Brexit referendum, amid controversial scenes at its annual conference.

The motion was voted down with a show of hands from delegates but the circumstances of the vote mean the row over Labour’s Brexit policy rumble on.

Mr Corbyn’s bid to clarify Labour’s stance on Brexit failed when he was unable to give a straight answer on whether the party backs Leave or Remain.

Critics believe he is trying to retain the support of Leave-voting Labour constituencies in the Midland and north of England without alienating the party’s Remain supporters.

His latest position gives priority to block a no deal Brexit and only then would he be ready to trigger a vote of no confidence.

Tonight, he refused a no confidence vote against Mr Johnson.

His constant refusal to be clear on Labour’s Brexit policy has lost the party votes in Labour heartlands such as Grimsby, with residents now stating they would vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

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