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Boris Johnson, master of the universe: Cult sci fi novel’s Amazon boost from UK’s new PM | World | News

Agent of Chaos, by US author Norman Spinrad, was written in 1967, three years after the birth of the UK’s recently confirmed . And fans have been quick to point out eerie and often amusing parallels between the book’s chief protagonist, leader of the so-called Democratic League, and the current occupant of (and leader of the Conservative Party) – especially in the context of .

The man is a bumbler, he stumbles in the dark, ignorant of even the Democracy he professes to champion

Robert Ching describes the Boris Johnson character in the novel, Agent of Chaos

The action pits Johnson against a tyrannical organisation called the Hegemony, which rules the with an iron fist.

Also thrown into the mix is the Brotherhood of Assassins, hellbent on creating mayhem by undermining both sides.

At one point, one of the Brotherhood, Robert Ching, remarks: “The man is a bumbler, he stumbles in the dark, ignorant of even the Democracy he professes to champion.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson shares his name with the hero of a cult 1967 sci fi novel (Image: GETTY)

Boris Johnson

The Boris Johnson in the novel has the “chunky body of an athlete” (Image: GETTY)

“He does not even have the assurance of the Theory of Social Entropy that the Hegemony must someday collapse.

“The history of the Democratic League is a catalogue of dismal failure. Yet still he fights on.

“Blind courage is, after all, a Random Factor. So is heroism. So is stupidity – and Johnson, paradoxically, is a source of all three.”

Norman Spinrad

Norman Spinrad also wrote The Doomsday Machine, a classic Star Trek episode (Image: Memory Alpha)

The book’s Johnson, described as having “the chunky body of an athlete” and wielding a laser gun, struggles as he seeks to defeat the Hegemony in a series of highly dramatic encounters.

Towards the end, Ching tells him: “You, have earned a place on the Prometheus.

“Though you fought in ignorance, you fought on the side of Man, and such courage will be needed when we stand face to face with other sentient beings.

Brexit shock claim:

Norman Spinrad

Author Norman Spinrad lives in New York (Image: GETTY)

Norman Spinrad

Norman Spinrad is no friend of US President Donald Trump (Image: GETTY)

“Moreover, we must make it clear at the outset that the stars belong to all men, not just the Hegemony – or the Brotherhood of Assassins.”

And in what could easily pass for a metaphor, Mr Spinrad concludes: “The struggle was just beginning.

“In another billion years, it would still be just beginning. It would always be beginning.”

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Agent of Chaos

Agent of Chaos is enjoying a new lease of life on Amazon (Image: Amazon)

One Amazon reviewer writes: “Essential reading for all students of BrExit and of time travel. returns from fighting the intergalactic Hegemony tyranny to take on the brutal tyranny that threatens his home planet, the European Union. 

“Watch as Boris slays them with his weapons of mass destruction, blind optimism and distortion of the very fabric of the space-time-truth continuum.”

Spinrad himself is a New York-based author whose other books include Bug Jack Barron, in 1969, and Child of Fortune, in 1985.

Boris Johnson

Some have drawn parallels between the book and Boris Johnson’s bid to take the UK out of the EU (Image: GETTY)

He also wrote the screenplay for The Doomsday Machine, an episode of aired in 1967 – the same year as Agent of Chaos – in which Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise do battle with a planet-killing machine.

However, it seems unlikely Spinrad will see eye to eye with the real Boris Johnson – on his Twitter feed, the 78-year-old calls for the impeachment of US President Donald Trump, the man whom the Prime Minister is hoping will offer Britain a bumper trade deal after Brexit.

He also claims to be the author of a bluegrass song entitled Donald Trump – Agent of Satan.

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