Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019

Boris Johnson: I will not delay Brexit for Jeremy Corbyn – PM SLAPS DOWN Remainer rebels | Politics | News

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, Boris Johnson claimed the chances of the UK leaving with a deal in place on October 31 are “rising”, and that the European Union have been encouraged by this. But he warned any attempt from rebel MPs to get behind Jeremy Corbyn‘s plot to sabbotage his plans would heap serious doubts on that happening. Mr Johnson urged MPs to rally behind the Government, insisting there is no chance of him asking Brussels for a Brexit delay beyond the end of October. 

The Prime Minister said: “The chances of a deal have been rising – the EU can see we want a deal.

“If there is one thing that can hold us back is MPs may find some way to cancel the referendum or MPs will vote with Jeremy Corbyn for yet another pointless delay.

“I don’t think they will – I hope they wont but if they do they will chop the legs from under the UK’s position and make further negotiation absolutely impossible.

“MPs should vote with the government to vote against Corbyn’s pointless delay.

“There are no circumstances in which I will ask Brussels to delay.

“We will leave on October 31 – no ifs or buts.

“I believe we will get a deal at that crucial summit in October – a deal Parliament will certainly be able to scrutinise.”

Mr Johnson insisted he does not want a general election – despite growing speculation one could take place just weeks before the UK is set to leave the European Union. 

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But Sky News Deputy Political Editor Sam Coates has claimed Mr Johnson will tomorrow table a motion which would be triggered of the rebels win the crunch vote, beginning a process towards a possible general election.

He tweeted: “Gvt Source – Boris Johnson does not want an election *but* will tomorrow table a motion under the fixed term parliaments act which will be triggered if the rebels win the vote, starting a process towards a potential general election.”

In a day of high drama as Parliament returned from their summer recess, the Prime Minister held an emergency Cabinet meeting this afternoon as speculation grows he could be set to announce a general election in five weeks time.

Mr Johnson has been on collision course with rebels from the Conservative Party over a vote in the House of Commons tomorrow.

But the Prime Minister fears if he suffers defeat he will require a fresh mandate from voters to ensure Britain can leave the European Union on October 31 as planned.

Labour MP Hilary Benn earlier published the text of the bid to delay a no deal Brexit, and said if it is successful, the Prime Minister would be forced to ask Brussels to delay Brexit by three months until 11pm on January 31, 2020.

Even before today’s drama had unfolded, Tory whips threatened to evict MPs from the Conservative parliamentary party and bar them from standing as Tories at a general election if they back the bill to prevent a no deal Brexit in less than two months.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson warned it would be the correct decision to kick out ant Tory MPs who vote against the Government on Brexit.

He told Good Morning Britain: “Anyone who is voting against the Government is in a position where they are voting to undermine the Prime Minister’s negotiating hand.

“They should think very seriously about that and the consequences.

“I think that if they (the Government) take the view that it is serious enough, that it is undermining the nation’s position and the Prime Minister’s position, if that is their decision it would be the right decision. If that is what is necessary.”

Tory rebels believe they have the numbers to inflict a huge defeat on the Prime Minister with legislation blocking no deal.

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