Published On: Fri, Sep 6th, 2019

Boris Johnson can STILL get Britain out of the Eu on Oct 31 – by forcing EU to kick us out | Politics | News

The Prime Minister’s bid to call an early general election is expected to be rejected by MPs once again on Monday following a failed attempt earlier this week to go to the country. And legislation to force Mr Johnson to request an extension from the EU to the October 31 deadline to avoid a no-deal Brexit will get Royal Assent.

But Newsnight’s political editor pointed out that Mr Johnson could still “cancel out” any extension to Brexit by refusing to appoint a European Commissioner which would breach EU membership and mean the UK could be kicked out of the bloc.

He said: “He sends the letter stipulated in the act requesting an extension but then he comes up with a wheeze to cancel it out.

“One idea could be something along the lines of keeping to his existing policy which is not to nominate a European Commissioner.

“That’s fine now as we are due to leave on October 31, not fine after October 31.

“Under the Lisbon Treaty every member state has to have a commissioner to make it lawful so the EU could say you are in breach of your membership you are out.”

It comes after MPs voted down Mr Johnson’s plan for an October 15 snap election on Wednesday.

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Mr Johnson said that he hated “banging on about Brexit” and added: “I don’t want an election at all, but frankly I cannot see any other way.

“The only way to get this thing done, to get this thing moving, is to make that decision.

“Do you want this Government to take us out on October 31 or do you want Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party to go to that crucial summit in Brussels on October 17, effectively hand over control to the EU and keep us in beyond October 31?

“I think it’s a no-brainer and I’m sorry to bring this painful subject up this afternoon but that’s the reality of what we face and for me there can only be one way forward for our country.”

The Prime Minister will press on with campaigning for the potential election with a trip to Scotland today.

Mr Johnson will visit a farm in Aberdeenshire to drum up support among voters.

Meanwhile, opposition leaders are set to continue their talks over how to stop a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

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