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Boris Johnson backed by readers in prorogue Parliament plan | Politics | News

Readers voted 89 percent in favour of the Tory leader’s shock decision to prorogue Parliament, which he sought permission from the Queen yesterday. The move came after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn begged leaders from the Lib Dems, Change UK, SNP, Greens and Plaid Cymru to install him as Prime Minister to oust Mr Johnson and de-rail Brexit. The move, albeit controversial in a sense, was praised by participants of an poll. that asked the question: “Is Boris Johnson right to prorogue Parliament?”

Of those who responded to the poll 14,582 said yes, while 1,575 said no, amounting to 11 percent.

Up to 112 said they did not know.

The poll closed at 9.50pm and up to 16,279 people took part.

Comments widely reflected the result of the poll.


Boris Johnson is right to suspend Parliament according to the results of an poll (Image: GETTY)


Readers voted 89 percent in favour of the Tory leader’s shock decision (Image: GETTY)

One said: “Yes, Boris is entirely correct to prorogue our rogue Parliament, which descended into mass hysteria and is defying the will of the people in the referendum that it ordered.

“The people’s vote must be respected. We must leave the EU on 31 October.”

Another added: “Yes. It is right to prorogue parliament. It is a law to implement Brexit, and yet all sorts of delays blocking are being orchestrated by the very same people who voted for Brexit to become a law.

“The country must leave the EU on the 31st of October without signing a treaty full stop.”

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The move did however send a tsunami of condemnation Mr Johnson’s way from Mr Corbyn (Image: GETTY)

A third commenter said: “Haha, just look at faces on these treasonous remainers now. Last time I saw this many long faces, I was watching the Grand National.”

A forth, referring to the Commons Speaker, said: “Of course it’s right. Otherwise this thing could drag on for years. Plus it could be a chance to get rid of that odious little creep Bercow.”

A fifth keen voter added: “Can I vote 500 times because the answer would be YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES…………500 times!!”

Mr Johnson flew to Balmoral to visit the Queen on Wednesday morning.


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Of those who responded to the poll 14,582 said yes (Image: APESTER)

She agreed to prorogue Parliament and leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg followed Mr Johnson to get the plan in writing.

Mr Johnson maintains that Britain will leave without a deal unless the controversial Northern Ireland backstop is “abolished”.

A Government spokesman said: “The Prime Minister set out that the UK will be leaving the EU on October 31, whatever the circumstances, and that we absolutely want to do so with a deal.

“The Prime Minister was also clear however that unless the Withdrawal Agreement is reopened and the backstop abolished there is no prospect of that deal.”


Ms Swinson also shared their criticisms of the move with other opposition leaders (Image: GETTY)

The move did however send a tsunami of condemnation Mr Johnson’s way.

Mr Corbyn said: “Boris Johnson’s attempt to suspend parliament to avoid scrutiny of his plans for a reckless no deal Brexit is an outrage and a threat to our democracy.

“Labour will work across Parliament to hold the government to account and prevent a disastrous no deal.”

Ms Sturgeon and Ms Swinson also shared their criticisms of the move.

US President Donald Trump, who met with Mr Johnson at last week’s G7 summit in France, rejoiced in the decision by the Brexiteer Prime Minister.

The Republican also gushed of his love for the UK in a tweet to his millions of followers.

He said: “Would be very hard for Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, to seek a no-confidence vote against New Prime Minister Boris Johnson, especially in light of the fact that Boris is exactly what the U.K. has been looking for, & will prove to be “a great one!” Love U.K.”

The idea of shutting down Parliament – known as prorogation – has caused controversy, with critics saying it would stop MPs being able to play their part in the Brexit process.

The poll when live at on August 28 4.50pm and closed on the same day.

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