Published On: Mon, Sep 30th, 2019

Boris Johnson avoids PDA with Carrie Symonds in ‘casual and awkward’ encounter

Carrie Symonds, ex-political communications and PR chief for the Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ), was pictured arriving yesterday at Midland Hotel in Manchester arm-in-arm with boyfriend and current serving prime minister Boris Johnson, ahead of the Tory party conference held at Manchester Central Convention Complex. Rumours about the supposed couple first circulated as news of Boris’s separation from his second wife Marina Wheeler emerged in 2018. However the pair’s romance was confirmed beyond doubt when Carrie appeared in public with him for the first time to support his leadership bid in June 2019. Sources say that on Valentine’s Day 2018, Symonds was heard boasting to friends about spending the night with Boris in the Oxfordshire countryside, while Boris is also reported to have wooed Symonds at the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn.

Looking at clips of the duo this weekend, body language expert Judi James stated the new couple are a “work in progress” with the outing looking “casual and awkward”.

She claimed “solo performer” Boris showed discomfort at displays of affection.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “It looks as though Boris’s togetherness signals with Carrie are still very much work in progress as he acts more like a man who prefer to go it alone here as he arrives at the Tory party conference.

“Like Trump when he first entered the White House, Boris looks like a solo performer here with an air of awkwardness and discomfort at the mere whiff of any touch or PDAs.”

In a not so promising display the couple proceeded to walk together, with Boris a few strides ahead of Carrie, and Judi said: “As Carrie gets out of the car first to stand watching for Boris with an excited smile, he darts round the car towards her but keeping the pace up and using no apparent eye contact as he strides ahead past her.

“With his hands stuffed into his pockets Carrie manages to link her hand into his arm but he’s quickly buttoning his jacket, making her drop that gesture of affection.”

Moving on to greet the waiting host, a great opportunity for Boris to introduce Carrie into her new role as his partner and first lady of No 10 Downing Street, Boris appeared to rush to take the hand of the waiting lady, barely sparing a second glance at Carrie.

Judi said: “After kiss-greeting their host Boris kind of points vaguely in Carrie’s direction rather than making more charming intros that might just boost Carrie’s status and position as his partner.

“He jumps back slightly as Carrie stretches her arm out towards him to walk in together, ushering her in first instead.”

The Prime Minister appears as though he is making an effort to avoid any public display of affection with his girlfriend.

Judi said: “This relationship unveiling needed some intelligent, careful choreography to get the signals right and to announce Carrie in her new role in no 10.

“This casual and awkward start should lead to an interesting kiss of devoted congratulation if Carrie should keep to tradition and join Boris on stage for photos at the end of his keynote.”

The Tory conference takes place today (30-Sep-2019) at the Manchester Central Convention Complex between 08:00 and 17:00 followed by a drinks reception at 17:45 and a Business Dinner hosted by the Chancellor at 19:30.

The Prime Minister’s arrival comes amid threats the Tory party conference could be overshadowed by moves to oust him at Westminster.

Boris is also under current pressure over links with businesswoman, actress and model Jennifer Arcuri, while he was mayor of London.

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