Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2019

Bordeaux Airport evacuated: Hundreds of holidaymakers rushed out of busy French airport | World | News

Police have raced to the scene in south-west France with witnesses claiming flights have been diverted. Some added the reason for the evacuation is a suspicious package. This is yet to be confirmed.

One angry flyer was due to travel on an EasyJet plane.

The passenger said in a direct post to the airline: “Stuck at Bordeaux airport after flight was diverted from Biarritz last minute.

“After an hour there has been one bus, enough for about a third of the people.

“No representation here and no idea if anymore buses are coming. What are you doing about it?”

Another said: “Just been evacuated from Bordeaux Airport, due to suspect package that has been found.”

A third added: “#bordeauxairport airport evacuated ! Yeah what a way to end the holidays.”

Passengers have also shared images of hundreds of people outside the airport waiting to be allowed back inside. 

Some have been lamenting the lack of communication from the airport staff. 

One Twitter user wrote: “Hmmm. Fairly dull. #bordeaux #airport @easyJet please get one of your staff to tell people what’s going on.”

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