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Bond 25: FIRST look at pretitle sequence – Will THIS character die? | Films | Entertainment

The opening sequence is always hugely anticipated. Sometimes, many would argue, it is the best part of the entire movie. The stakes will be even higher for Bond 25 as Craig seeks to wrap up his tenure as the British agent and ensure his place in Bond history. There have already been reports from Jamaica and Norway of thrilling action sequences but it looks like Craig is returning to Italy for at least part of his last-ever pre-title sequence. And he will be doing it in typically iconic fashion, in perhaps the most famous Bond car of all time.

Just the sight of the silver birch Aston Martin DB5 instantly conjures memories of the essence of Bond.

In fact, the original car from Goldfinger sold this week at auction for an impressive $6.4 million (£5.3 million). Quite an increase from the £4,175 original cost for a regular version back in 1964.

One of the major James Bond fan sites JamesBondLive just posted images of a DB5 at the end of ramps leading into a huge truck. Whether this was the way the instantly recognisable car was delivered to set (to protect secrecy) or is even part of a sequence where Bond drives the car up into a lorry as part of a dramatic chase remains to be seen.

However, one comment immediately raised the popular theory this will be part of the scene where a major person in Bond’s life is killed.

The comment bluntly said: “Maddie’s getting capped by the end of the pre-credits then.”

This refers, of course, to Bond’s girlfriend Dr Madeleine Swann, played by Lea Seydoux in SPECTRE.

It is extremely rare for the ladykilling spy to stay with one woman until the end of a movie and the track history is bleak for what happens next. Most famously, Bond marries Tracy Draco at the end of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service but she is immediately killed by Blofeld and Irma Bunt in a drive-by shooting.

It is difficult to imagine James Bond in a stable relationship throughout a movie and many expect Swann to be killed early on, prompting an enraged and devastated Bond to embark on a mission of revenge.

Bond 25 has yet to reveal the title, but a final release date is now set for April next year. Originally, it had been scheduled for November this year and then moved to February 2020.

The dismissal of director Danny Boyle prompted the delay, followed by an on-set ankle injuring sustained by Craig when filming started, which required minor surgery.



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