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Bohemian Rhapsody: Freddie Mercury Queen Live Aid show recreated in The Simpsons TONIGHT | Music | Entertainment

Back on July 13, 1985, Queen played for 17 minutes at Live Aid to raise funds for the famine in Ethiopia. Considered one of the greatest performances of all time, Freddie Mercury and co’s set was recreated in Bohemian Rhapsody and now The Simpsons are doing their own cover of it tonight on Fox TV in the US. According to BlabberMouth.Net, the next episode of the animated comedy’s 31st season is called Go Big or Go Homer and sees the family recreate the iconic Live Aid show. Queen guitarist Brian May has shared a post about the episode, confirming that some material has been officially licensed to The Simpsons for it.

May wrote on Instagram: “Aaay-O ! Doh ! Is this a ‘thing’ ? Apparently SO !

“But I may have to wait a while. This is what Blabbermouth says : ‘This Sunday, October 6 on Fox TV in the U.S., you can see Homer and his family recreate QUEEN’s legendary Live Aid appearance for the latest episode of The Simpsons. See local listings for timings or visit’

“Well – dear folks in the USA – let me know how it goes !!! We don’t get Fox TV over here.

“And, by the way, since some of you have asked, yes – ssssh…. some material HAS been officially licensed to the fabulous Simpsons. Bri.”

The plot of the episode is unknown, so why the family recreate Live Aid is currently anyone’s guess.

However, we do at least know from the picture that Homer will be channelling Freddie by wearing his famous outfit from the concert.


Earlier this year, May shared an amazing hidden Freddie Mercury moment from Live Aid, on the concert’s anniversary.

Pointing out one of the many photographs taken of the late singer that day, the guitarist wrote: “Just one more LIVE AID memory before bed. Here’s Freddie and Deacy on that stage exactly 34 years ago today.”

“Did anyone notice that Freddie’s hand covers the exact spot on the backdrop where he was born ? Zanzibar ! Bri.”

Fans can see in the picture shared by the guitarist, that indeed Freddie’s microphone is covering the region of Tanzania where he was born.

Meanwhile, May has backed a new Live Aid concert to take on climate change.

According to The Mirror, the 71-year-old reckons that younger musicians will have to lead the way with such an event.

“It probably would take the younger generation to take that bull by the horns.”

“We’d help in any way we can but I think that’s what it would require.”

Nevertheless, the Queen guitarist pointed out how the problem of climate change is “so enormous” that even a Live Aid-sized gig might not be enough.

May added: “People have seen so many concerts since Live Aid purporting to be solving the problems of the world so it’s not quite as easy as it seems.”

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