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Bohemian Rhapsody: Freddie Mercury banned music video Living On My Own in HD | Music | Entertainment

The late Queen singer was known for his raunchy private life and now a 4K remastered version of a music video shot at his 39th birthday party has been released. The previously banned Living On My Own footage was shot in Munich in 1985, where Freddie was living while recording his first solo album. This period was depicted in Oscar-winning movie Bohemian Rhapsody which released last year. At the star’s 300 guest birthday party were the likes of Mary Austin, Boy George, Steve Strange and Jim Hutton.

While also in attendance was Brian May, former manager John Reid and Freddie’s manager Jim Beach.

The famous solo video from his Mr Bad Guy album was shot on a revolving ceiling-mounted 35mm camera across the entire birthday party.

The bash took place at Munich’s Mrs Henderson transvestite club with guests in mandatory black and white drag.

The footage shocked Freddie’s record boss Walter Yetnikov so much that he banned it from TV due to its “perceived promiscuity.”

Living On My Own was instantly shelved, seeing the single stall at No 50 in the charts.

The banned music video finally saw the light of day with its No More Brothers remix re-release in 1993.


It was then that Living On My Own reached No 1, becoming the biggest-selling single of the year in Europe.

And by 1994 Freddie posthumously received an Ivor Novello Award for International Hit of the Year.

The music video’s remastering ties in with Freddie’s Never Boring solo box set, which is out next week.

A brand new music video has also been released in the form of an emotional animation.

Made in collaboration with The Mercury Phoenix Trust, the footage accompanies Freddie’s 1985 track Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow.

The music video depicts the story of two male lovers as they come to terms with one of them being diagnosed with AIDS.

Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow and Living On My Own are included in Never Boring, the definitive Freddie Mercury solo collection, which is released worldwide on October 11.

The album’s cover is inspired by this famous quote from the singer: “You can do anything with my work, but never make me boring.”

The Never Boring box set “brings together for the first time a specially-curated selection of Freddie Mercury’s music, visuals and written and spoken words.

“It is a collection to jog the memory of fans, old and new, as to why Freddie remains such a beloved figure, nearly 30 years after his death.”

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