Published On: Sat, Nov 30th, 2019

Black Friday Nintendo Switch Lite deal: get a $25 GameStop gift card when you buy one

Nintendo’s Switch Lite likely won’t be dropping in price any time soon, so the best deals we have to work with in the meantime are the rare promos, much like GameStop’s Black Friday sale happening right now. Until Sunday night, on the eve of Cyber Monday, GameStop will include a $25 gift card with the $199.99 Switch Lite.

This deal works with any color (turquoise, yellow, grey), as well as with Nintendo’s limited edition Pokémon Sword and Shield edition model that’s grey with red and blue colored face buttons and sticks. All models are available online, and if you choose to buy one from GameStop’s site, the gift card will be emailed to you. Check your local store’s inventory before you head out, and when you pick it up, GameStop will hand over the gift card when you buy the console.

If you’re thinking about getting the Switch Lite, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that, unlike the regular Switch with detachable Joy-Cons, the Lite cannot be docked and displayed on your TV. That’s because it can’t output video through its USB-C charging port. otherwise, the experiences mirror each other exactly, aside from the size differences.

One other thing to note: Samsung’s 512GB microSD card is $64.99 at Amazon. It has never been cheaper, and it’s a hefty amount of storage for your new Switch Lite.

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