Published On: Sat, Aug 17th, 2019

BBC Weather: Heavy showers strike the UK as thunderstorms bring wet weekend | Weather | News

BBC Weather have forecasted a wet Saturday for Northern Ireland and most of Scotland with the occasional shower for parts of England and Wales. These heavy showers could also see the odd thunderstorm as a persistent low-pressure weather front slowly moves across the nation into Europe. BBC Weather presenter Tomasz Schafenaker explained that there would be periods of sunshine for the south but outbreaks of rain infrequently.

He said: “This is the weather front that brought the rain yesterday and it is out of the way now as it is across Denmark and southern parts of Scandinavia.

“The low pressure is so big it will take a while for it to barrel through as the whole thing needs to shift out of the way for our weather to improve.

“Today, it will be fine weather for England and Wales, it will be gusty, gusts of wind around 30 to 40mph but out to sea in western Scotland and Northern Ireland gusts of wind later today could be approaching 50mph.

“There will be frequent showers in the northwest as well.”

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The BBC Weather presenter went on to explain the temperatures expected around the country.

He noted that London would likely see the warmest weather with some sunshine and a high of 22 degrees Celsius (71.6F).

Scotland is set to see the coldest temperature as Stornaway will see a high of 15C with the rest of Scotland seeing temperatures in the mid to high teens.

Met Office meteorologist Sophie Yeomans also explained: “It will feel quite fresh in the breeze as we head through Saturday with sunny spells across England and Wales.

The BBC Weather forecaster closed by saying: “It will be very blustery with showers Saturday night especially in Northern Island and parts of Scotland.

“England and Wales are looking fine and it should be clear out there but notice a bit of rain weather across Kent and Sussex as the weather front is just sliding to the south-east of us.

“The weather tomorrow should be fine across England and Wales.

“But by the time we get to lunchtime across Northern Ireland and Scotland, we have got lots of showers.”

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