Published On: Sun, Aug 25th, 2019

BBC Weather Europe: Colossal thunderstorms to ravage tourist hotspots | Weather | News

BBC Weather warned “storm clouds” are moving across the central Mediterranean and could lead to “localised flooding.” BBC meteorologist Ben Rich explained: “The first half of the weekend brought hot, sunny weather across much of Europe that continues throughout Sunday. You can see these storm clouds across the central Mediterranean pushing northwards towards parts of Germany, the Czech Republic, even southern Poland.

“The same areas prone to a scattering of showers and thunderstorms during Sunday, some of which, particularly as we go through the afternoon into the evening, could be quite intense and could give some localised flooding.

“Down towards the southeast, it’s fine, it’s sunny.

“Iberia, things turning a bit more unsettled from the west over the next couple of days.

“Some showers and storms perhaps breaking out across northern Spain and Portugal through Sunday.

“Plenty of dry, sunny, hot weather for Paris and London – 32, maybe 33C here.

“But we will see some heavy rain across the north of Scandinavia.

“On Monday, still those showers and storms across central and eastern parts of Europe.

“And things turning a bit more unsettled across Iberia.

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“While slightly lower temperatures will take the sting out of the extreme heat later in the week, we are likely to see some widespread thunderstorms.

“These are most likely across western Britain and where they occur there will be a risk of further flooding.”

Temperatures will remain above average through the end of August with hot weather predicted to last through the start of autumn.

Mr Madden added: “It will remain warm and summery into the latter part of next week although slightly lower temperatures compared to the bank holiday will take the sting out of the heat.

“Hot weather could hold out well into September although there are signs of a change to something more unsettled around mid-month.”

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