Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2019

BBC Newsnight: Axed minister in shock vote of approval to Boris Johnson | UK | News

Mr Ellwood, who like Mr Johnson, was born in New York City, lost his position as Under-Secretary for Defence after the latter became Tory leader. The army reservist lieutenant colonel was replaced by Johnny Mercer, a former army captain. Mr Ellwood told BBC Newsnight host Mark Urban: “Yet we saw here in Berlin and indeed in Paris, a can-do attitude, a new rapport developing between the Prime Minister the first time that he’s been able to engage in the room with the two critical stakeholders.”

The Bournemouth East MP was also previously Under-Secretary for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs under Mr Johnson as well as Philip Hammond.

He insisted: “I’m more optimistic about us securing a deal now, than I ever have been since March 2019.

“We’ve been given that window, that critical window of 30 days to provide what is the detailed micro concern about the backstop itself and that’s what we now need to and that’s what the Prime Minister will be doing with his team.”

Mr Ellwood had previously voiced firm opposition to no deal: “I really get frustrated with this energy towards no deal. I know, all my parliamentary colleagues on all sides of the House recognise the dangers of no deal.

“The fact that we keep talking about it, it isn’t a solution. I am very concerned. I am going to make it very very clear, I want us to move away from discussion about no deal at all.

“You will still have to crawl back literally moments later to say ‘how is our financial services going to operate? How is our operations with peace going to work? How is citizens rights going to work?’”

Mr Ellwood was previously hailed a hero by the public after he stopped to attempt to give CPR to the fallen policeman Keith Palmer during the Westminster terror attack.

His brother, Jonathan, who was working in Vietnam, was killed in the 2002 Bali bombing.

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September will also see the United Nations General Assembly in New York City with London hosting the NATO summit in December.

Potential future trips include 2020’s General Assembly, the 2020 G7 in the United States, the November 2020 G20 meeting in Riyadh and the 2020 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Rwanda.

2021 will see another General Assembly, a G7 meeting in the UK and a G20 meeting in Rome.

During the Tory leadership contest, Mr Johnson said he would attempt to renegotiate to find an alternative to the Theresa May withdrawal agreement.

He said he would be prepared to leave without a deal if that was necessary.

Mr Johnson’s ministry has seen the return and promotion of several high profile Brexiteers.

Priti Patel has returned as Home Secretary, whilst Theresa Villiers is Environment Secretary.

James Cleverly, formerly a minister in the Brexit department, is now Party chairman and thus attends Cabinet as Minister without Portfolio.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is now Leader of the House of Commons, his first frontbencher position, after nine years on the backbench.

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