Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

BBC news viewers fury at ‘pantomime’ Brexit coverage in front of Remain protestors mayhem | Politics | News

The broadcasters spent hours interviewing MPs and commentators in the small park opposite the House of Parliament. But they have been disturbed by anti-Brexit protestors and presenters have resorted to using extra microphones to drown our the noise. Viewers have suggested the coverage the news channels film in the studio instead of the green.

Twitter user Richard Scott wrote: “Is it about time that the media stop conducting interviews there? It’s become too much of a sad pantomime there anyway.”

Another person tweeted: “Why does Sky News persist in conducting interviews with that backdrop of EU Flags and that loudmouthed, brainwashed idiot shouting his head off?”

A source at Sky News said the channel wanted to the broadcast from “the place at the heart of the story”.

This meant filming from both the College Green and studio backdrops.

The BBC added they have followed Sky News by using closer facial microphones in order for interviewees to be heard better.

BBC’s Westminster bureau chief Katy Searle said: “We had to look at how we mic the presenters and the guests.

“It can be quite intrusive but you also want to capture where you are.

“The problem is when it’s too loud to capture what the guests are saying.”

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Meanwhile, Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips said she was surrounded by Remainer demonstrators when she attempted to speak to TV and radio.

Some people would wear masks and shout insults and threats.

This meant she had to get the help of a group of police officers this week just to get through the mob.  

She told MailOnline: “It all seems very nice this outside broadcasting, but I don’t think the viewers at home care whether its in College Green or a studio 100 metres away.

“It’s a problem not just for politicians but for members of the public just trying to get home from work.

“You don’t expect to have people threatening you and blocking access.”

MPs opposed to no-deal are planning to pass a law which would force Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seek a 3-month delay to Brexit.

Opposition Labour MP Hilary Benn said today: “The purpose of the bill is very simple.

“It is to ensure that the United Kingdom does not leave the European Union on the 31st October without an agreement.

“The bill is deliberately open as to the purpose of the extension.”

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