Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2019

BBC News: Laura Kuenssberg issues Brexit warning to Boris BUT points out key fact | UK | News

Boris Johnson’s move to suspend Parliament in order to force through a no deal Brexit by October 31 was confirmed by the Queen’s Privy Council on Wednesday. BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg warned the move is “very provocative” politically. However, Ms Kuenssberg then reminded that proroguing Parliament was “never ruled out” by Mr Johnson.

Speaking on BBC’s Brexitcast, Ms Kuenssberg said: “This is politically a very provocative thing to do.

“But it was also never ruled out by Boris Johnson and the reason why he got such a strong vote from Tory members is because he said he would take us out of the EU on October 31 whatever it took.

“This provocative move is part of that, that’s what it’s all about.

“In that context, while people love hyperbole and love headlines in that context, should we really be surprised?”

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The Queen has approved Mr Johnson’s request to prorogue Parliament after the Prime Minister stepped up his plans for a no deal Brexit.

The Prime Minister sparked panic among Remainers after he confirmed he asked the Queen, who is currently in Balmoral, to agree to suspend Parliament days after MPs have returned to work next week.

The Privy Council met at Balmoral on Wednesday to discuss Mr Johnson’s new administration holding a Queen’s Speech on October 14.

In a letter to MPs outlining his Government’s plans, Mr Johnson denied it was to force through a no deal Brexit and said he was bringing forward a “bold and ambitious domestic legislative agenda” which MPs would be able to vote on in October.

Ms Davidson said she felt “conflict” over the party’s hardline Brexit stance and pleaded for politicians to “unite” the country.

Ms Davidson told a press conference in Edinburgh: “Respect is what is missing from our debate.”

George Young also resigned as Tory whip in the House of Lords, and sent a letter saying he was very unhappy at the timing and length of the prorogation.

He wrote: “As a former leader of the House of Commons in the Coalition Government who restored to the Commons some of the powers it had lost to the Executive, I am very unhappy at the timing and length of the prorogation, and its motivation.

“While not agreeing with the hyperbole of some critics, I have been unpersuaded by the reasons given for that decision, which I believe risks undermining the fundamental role of Parliament at a critical time in our history, and reinforces the view that the Government may not have the confidence of the House for its Brexit policy.”

Lord Young added he believed Mr Johnson’s “Do or Die” commitment to a Brexit deal was “rash”.

He said: “I am not part of any Remainer plot, nor have I spoken to anyone about my decision to resign, which is purely a personal one.”

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