Published On: Mon, Aug 19th, 2019

BBC News bias: Viewers call out Dan Walker over ‘misreporting’ – ‘Not fit for purpose’ | UK | News

Breakfast host Dan Walker was accused of “misreporting,” the position of the Labour Party on as he claimed is to pledge he will do “everything necessary” to stop the UK from leaving the . In a speech on Monday, the Labour leader is expected to pledge to do whatever needed to prevent a no deal Brexit scenario. Taking to Twitter to voice his criticism, lawyer Peter Stefanovic said: “BBC1 misreporting again today. 

Here they are saying Jeremy Corbyn ‘has pledged to do everything necessary to stop the UK leaving the EU’ when he has actually vowed to do ‘everything necessary to stop a disastrous no deal Brexit!'”

Other users also protested against the BBC presenter on Twitter, with one writing: “That level of misinformation can only be deliberate! Not fit for purpose!”

Another wrote: “What a dreadful situation we are now in when the no longer broadcasts facts!”

Mr Walker later responded directly to Mr Stefanovic to apologise, pointing out they later changed the script to match the content of Mr Corbyn’s speech.

The BBC Breakfast host wrote: “Good morning Peter. It was a mistake. That was the first time I had seen it at 6.03am when I read the story and we changed it straight away. Thanks for watching.”

During his speech, the Labour leader will claim the “failed our country,” and will renew his calls for a new general election as he insists a new vote will be the “change of direction the country needs”.

The speech will follow the leak of a Government document revealing the civil service’s concerns over the impact a no deal Brexit scenario could have on food and medicine supplies. 

The documents were marked “official and sensitive” and thus not meant to be removed from departments, though the did not confirm whether or not an inquiry could take place.

During the early stages of the election campaign, the Prime Minister warned the Conservative Party would face “extinction” if that Brexit did not happen.

Mr Johnson said he wishes for changes to the divorce agreement, in particular, the backstop agreement. Brexiteers have voiced concerns the clause could be used to keep the UK closely aligned to the single market and the customs union.

Though the Prime Minister has maintained he will push forward with no deal if that renegotiation was not successful.

He was one of the leading figures of the Vote Leave campaign.

His victory in the Tory leadership contest saw the departures of both Mr Hammond and Mr Gauke.

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