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Archie, who will turn five-month-old on October 6, have melted everyone’s heart this morning when he arrived in the arms of his mother Meghan Markle at Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Legacy Foundation’s headquarters. And many royal fans noticed how similar the little Sussex looks to his dad. Digging out old pictures of Prince Harry when he was approximately the same age of Archie, dozens of royal fans pointed out Archie has taken after his father. 

Commenting on a collage of pictures of both Archie and little Harry, one fan joked: “It’s not the same baby?”

Another said: “Thought these pictures were of the same child!!”

And a third added: “Archie looks like baby Harry’s twin here.”

Another royal fan found Archie and Harry so similar they argued the Duke must have simply “cloned” himself to achieve such a similarity. 

The Twitter user joked: “Safe to say Harry succeeded in cloning himself.

“Now all we have to do is wait for Archie’s red hair to finish growing in.”

However, other royal fans believe Archie has also taken after his mother Meghan.

One wrote on Twitter: “I think Archie is a wonderful combination of his parents. 

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“He looks a lot like his dad but he has his mom’s eyes and nose. Adorable!”

And another said: “Baby Archie is the perfect blending of his parents.”

This is not the first time royal fans draw a parallel between Archie and Harry.

The little Sussex was spotted leaving the airport in his mother’s arms on Monday.  


On that occasion, Archie was wearing a white bobble hat – very similar to the one Princess Diana put on Harry upon arriving in Scotland by plane in 1985.

Archie was the protagonist of this morning’s meeting between the legendary anti-apartheid activist Archbishop Tutu, his daughter Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe and the Sussexes.

During their conversation, Meghan confessed she believes Archie is an “old soul”, while Mrs Tutu-Gxashe joked he is a “ladies man”.

Meghan and Harry visited the Foundation to learn more about its work on the ground and raise awareness on it. 

The pair were offered tea and cake – and among the sweets presented to them, there was also one heart-shaped cookie dedicated to Archie.   

The biscuit had a white base and green decorations and was topped with the writing ‘Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor’ in silver.

Archbishop Tutu and his daughter also showered little Archie with meaningful presents after the meeting ended. 

Among the presents, there are a set of signed children’s books written by the Archbishop, a children’s songbook containing the work of Patricia Schonstein, who opened a school in 1984 in defiance of apartheid rules, and a copy of the Book of Joy signed by the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop.

Meghan and Harry thanked the Nobel Peace Prize winner and his daughter for their hospitality with a heartfelt Instagram post.

The couple wrote on the social media platform: “‘Thank you, Archbishop Tutu, for your incredibly warm hospitality, Archie loved meeting you!’ – The Duke and Duchess”

The kind words were accompanied by a picture showing a relaxed Archie in his mother’s arms and the Archbishop kissing his forehead.   

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