Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

Angela Merkel appears to humiliate Donald Trump by laughing at US President | World | News

US President Donald Trump was met with laughter from Angela Merkel  after he claimed he had German in his blood during a bilateral meeting at the G7. The moment when the typically straight-faced German Chancellor raised her eyebrows and laughed at the US President quickly went viral. Despite the ridicule, Mrs Merkel confirmed that she had invited President Trump for a bilateral visit to Germany.

The awkward and humiliating moment for Donald Trump took place during a meeting between the two leaders at the G7 conference held in Biarritz, France yesterday. 

At the meeting, Mr Trump praised the Chancellor, calling her a “brilliant woman”.

He said that the German leader, who plans to step down as Chancellor when her fourth term ends in 2021, may surprise observers and be around “for a long time”.

The US leader added: “She understands exactly where everything is, she knows it before most people.”

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Donald Trump has yet to make a full diplomatic visit to Europe’s largest economic power.

This comes despite visiting both the UK and France twice since his election. 

Speaking about a potential future visit, President Trump said: “We’ll be there. We’re very honored by the invitation—and that’s true—and we will be there. Maybe soon.”

He then declared that he has “German in my blood” – prompting the German Chancellor  to snort and raise her eyebrows.

Mrs Merkel said she had “no specific date” yet for when Trump could visit Germany.

However, the suggestion of a Donald Trump visit to Germany sparked a backlash on Twitter.

The hashtag #TrumpNotWelcome was trending within hours of his comments.

The US President only has the support of one in every ten Germans according to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey.

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