Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

Andrew Neil tears apart Corbyn over ‘no deal banker’ conspiracy – ‘Bankers were Remain!’ | Politics | News

Jeremy Corbyn made a rallying cry today calling for Remainers to unite to stop Boris Johnson’s Tory Party taking Britain out of the European Union without a deal. The Labour leader decried a hard Brexit would “destroy jobs” and “push up food prices in shops”. In an opinion piece released to the press today, Mr Corbyn said: “We will do everything necessary to stop a disastrous no deal for which this government has no mandate.

“That’s why on Tuesday I am hosting a meeting of opposition parties to discuss how we can stop Johnson’s reckless rush for a no-deal Brexit. The stakes couldn’t be higher.”

And in an astonishing attack the Labour leader, who has spent the last three years dithering over Brexit, accused billionaire hedge funders of using no deal as a “potential goldmine for speculators betting against the pound” thereby benefiting for a hard Brexit.

“But the payout for those elements of the super-rich that support no deal won’t just stop there. If we leave without a deal on 31 October, they will use the crisis to push through policies that benefit them and hurt everyone else – as they have since 2010.”

But the rant, which will be seen by many as a conspiracy theory, has been exposed by political commentator Andrew Neil.

The host of ex-hit BBC show This Week tweeted Mr Corbyn’s article and wrote: “Weren’t the bankers overwhelmingly for Remain?

“Aren’t the bankers unanimously against no deal?”

Readers backed Mr Neil with one saying: “I can’t believe how ridiculous this Labour Party has become Andrew, I voted for them for so long but I don’t know whether to laugh or cry with this lot.

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“Absolute idiots.”

Another added: “Remainers are enjoying telling the große Lüge (big lie) lately.

“Such as: ‘Bankers want a No Deal Brexit’ (despite them funding Remain), and ‘Stopping Brexit is democratic’ (despite more people voting Leave than for anything else, ever).”

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