Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

Andrew Neil latest: BBC host lays into Labour MP over plans for different Brexit deal | UK | News

Andrew Neil demanded the Shadow Housing Secretary clarify whether his party would campaign in favour of a new deal negotiated by . The Opposition has maintained they would seek to strike a new agreement with the to protect British jobs, worker’s rights and the environment. But when questioned on the matter, Mr Healey failed to confirm the would actively campaign for the deal to be accepted by British voters.

During the first episode of his new BBC show, Mr Neil said: “Would you campaign for your own deal?

“In the unlikely event you could get a new deal with Europe, and you put it to a referendum, would you campaign for that deal?”

As Mr Healey said the party would “decide that, obviously, at the time,” the BBC veteran host hit back: “So you’d try to negotiate a deal you may not campaign for. Why would Europe give you the time of day?”

The Labour MP insisted the party will negotiate a “better deal than this Tory Government managed in over three years,’ only for Mr Neil to interrupt: “And then tell the British people they shouldn’t vote for it. Is that Labour’s policy?”

The Labour frontbencher said: “The new deal would respect the decision of the people in the referendum.

“It would recognise the concerns of many who’ve voted remain, it would be a better Brexit deal to protect our jobs and our economy.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last month reached out to other opposition leaders to form an alliance against a no deal Brexit but the group’s plans collapsed after announced he would shut down Parliament until October 14.

The Prime Minister attempted to stop Mr Corbyn and his allies from putting through the Commons a new bill which would force him to request a new extension to the Brexit deadline but failed as MPs voted for the legislation 328 to 301.

Lord Newby said: “It seems to me they are trying to bait a trap for Corbyn.

“That trap is, ok, the bill will now go through, ‘you said if this goes through, you’ll vote for an election.’ That may have been on the mind.”

Mir Johnson mocked the Labour leader, labelling him a “frit” and insisted Labour’s opposition to a poll was “unsustainable”.

The Prime Minister is expected to try again to get MPs to let him go to the country on October 15 to let the voters choose who will ultimately conclude the Brexit negotiations.

Responding to the vote last night, Mr Johnson said Mr Corbyn was “the first opposition leader in the democratic history of our country to refuse the invitation to an election.”

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